vendredi 5 avril 2019

ETICS summer school

Here is the announcement of the next ETICS summer school :
Dear colleagues,

The next ETICS summer school (Ecole Thématique sur les Incertitudes en Calcul Scientifique) will be held at Fréjus, France, during the end of September (22-27).

The goal of this school is to develop the skills of researchers and engineers in the domain of uncertainty management of computer codes.

The prerequisites to possess are the mathematical bases of the uncertainty quantification science.

  • Dr. Aurélien Bellet (INRIA Lille - Nord Europe, France) - Similarity and distance metric learning
  • Prof. Bernard Bercu (Université de Bordeaux, France) - Asymptotic behavior of stochastic algorithms with statistical applications
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Marin (Université de Montpellier, France) - TBA
  • Prof. Youssef Marzouk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA)

Information and registration link:


Bertrand Iooss