vendredi 3 mai 2024

Workshop on "Bayesian optimization & related topics": Registration deadline

Please register before May 31 if you want to attend the RT-UQ Workshop on "Bayesian optimization & related topics" (June 20, IHP).

We need to know the number of participants in advance, in order to properly size the buffet meal.

jeudi 21 septembre 2023

Workshop on "Physics informed learning"

Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you that the detailed program for the next GdR MASCOT-NUM workshop on "Physics-informed learning" taking place on December 4-5 2023 at Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse is available, and that registration is open!

If you are interested, please visit the event webpage :

Hoping to see many of you in Toulouse !

The organizers
Olivier Roustant (INSA Toulouse ) & Sébastien Da Veiga (ENSAI Rennes)

mardi 6 juin 2023

Workshop on "Calibration of numerical codes" : slides

The MASCOT-NUM workshop on calibration of numerical code was held last Wednesday at IHP.

The slides for all the presentations are now available on the workhop web page :

lundi 24 avril 2023

MASCOT-NUM 2023: Slides

Mascot-Num 2023

The slides for the talks given at MASCOT-NUM 2023 are now available online!

vendredi 30 décembre 2022

MASCOT-NUM 2023: Extended deadline

Mascot-Num 2023

The submission deadline for the PhD students day has been extended to January 4 (next Wednesday).

jeudi 17 novembre 2022

Workshop on statistical methods for safety and decommissioning: BBB link

Next week's MASCOT-NUM workshop on Statistical methods for safety and decommissioning will be held in Avignon university on Monday and Tuesday.

A BBB link is proposed to follow it remotely:

See the program here:

mercredi 12 octobre 2022

Software updates

There is now a new colored (yellow) box on the wiki homepage, displaying a few recent software updates:

More precisely, "a few" is equal to five, and the five entries displayed there are extracted from the longer list available at:

You can contribute to this ongoing effort in several ways:

1) Indicate software updates (including new software) to be announced, by sending an email to

2) Help us write "bots" (scripts) to watch for updates of a given type (R packages on CRAN, Python packages on PyPI, github releases, etc.).

3) Suggest useful ways to improve this service.