lundi 15 janvier 2018


DataSciEn'2018 - Learning from Scientific Data in Energy
IFPEN / Rueil-Malmaison (France) - 16-17 January 2018
A 2-day interdisciplinary conference for academics, software developers and industry practitioners
Advances in algorithms and computing power as well as a tremendous increase in data availability and storage in the last decades have led to massive social changes. However, the use of scientific and technical data to successfully solve industrial problems is a specific challenge that requires close collaboration between the different professionals involved in data analysis. 
This conference co-hosted by IFPEN and Inria aims at bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, software editors and industry practitioners from the energy sector working on problems with large and complex datasets. The emphasis is on the practical application of state of the art algorithms to extract information from experimental and simulated data.

Special attention will be given to contributions relevant to the following themes:
  • Advances in learning algorithms
  • Frameworks and platforms for data gathering and analysis 
  • Application of learning algorithms to solve industrial problems 
Keynote speaker
Patrick Gallinari, UPMC, LIP6
Olivier Grisel, Inria
Michel Lutz, Total

mardi 9 janvier 2018

Ecole-chercheurs Mexico, 26-30 mars à La Rochelle

Une école-chercheurs organisée par l'INRA à l'initiative du réseau Mexico, sur le thème "Analyse de sensibilité, métamodélisation et optimisation de modèles complexes", aura lieu du 26 au 30 mars à La Rochelle.

La plaquette et le formulaire d'inscription se trouvent sur le site du réseau Mexico :

La date limite d’inscription est fixée au 25 janvier 2018.  Le nombre de places étant restreint, les demandes d’inscription feront l’objet d’une sélection par le comité d’organisation.