mercredi 11 juillet 2018

UQLab - The Uncertainty Quantification Framework - v.1.1 now available

The new version of UQLab (V1.1) was released on July 5th, 2018.

UQLab is a general purpose Uncertainty Quantification software developed at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) made of interacting modules that solve all types of uncertainty quantification problems in engineering, economics and applied sciences: uncertainty propagation through Monte Carlo simulation (e.g. using surrogate models such as Gaussian processes and polynomial chaos expansions), global sensitivity analysis, rare event estimations, etc.

Three brand new modules are released in V1.1:

  • UQLink allows for a seamless connection of third-party software to UQLab using universal "wrapping" of external codes through templates and a mark-up system.
  • Support vector machines for regression (SVR) and classification (SVC) allow the analyst to build predictive models from data. In the context of uncertainty quantification, SVR can be used as surrogate models of complex simulators using designs of computer experiments. SVC can be used in the context of rare event estimation.

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The UQLab Development Team
ETH Zürich | Chair of Risk, Safety & Uncertainty Quantification
Prof. Bruno Sudret