jeudi 26 novembre 2015

UQLab-beta disponible

Message de la part de Bruno Sudret (ETH Zurich) :
Dear Colleagues

The beta version of UQLab, the Matlab-based platform for uncertainty quantification, has been released on July 1st, 2015. After 4 months of existence, UQLab has been downloaded already by more than 150 people from 23 countries. The feedback we got so far being very positive, it is my pleasure to further advertise UQLab through this message.

The UQLab platform contains state-of-the algorithms gathered into modules that allow you to perform uncertainty propagation through computational models (Monte Carlo and derived simulation methods, polynomial chaos expansions), sensitivity analysis (Morris method, Sobol' indices), and build surrogate models for general use (Gaussian processes, a.k.a Kriging). Rare event simulation (structural reliability methods) will be available soon. Connections to third party codes are easier than ever.
UQLab-beta is freely licensed to academic users (universities and public research institutions).
Visit our website Register, download, enjoy !
Prof. Bruno SUDRET, ETH Zurich
On behalf of the UQLab Development Team

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